Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Courage Vitamins for Introverted Job Search

Don't you wish you could take a daily vitamin for courage during your job search?

Although you won't find such fortifiers on a drugstore shelf, here's the next best thing: Tips that will help you feel and act more bravely in your employment quest.

Shy Job Seeker Blog: Take Courage Vitamin for Your Job Hunt
Take a courage vitamin for your job hunt.

Taking Courage "Vitamins" Before Phone Calls, Meetings, and Job Interviews

Making contact with others can be the most frightening part of an introvert's job hunt. The next time you need to call or meet with a potential employer or a network contact, take a few of these courage vitamins:
  • Set a goal. Decide what you want to accomplish during the interaction. Do you want to request a job interview, ask for an informational interview, or follow up on your application? Being single-minded with a goal will keep you from worrying about other possibilities and from getting off track from nervousness.
  • Do your research. Who will you be meeting with? What are their backgrounds? What are the hiring organization's goals, accomplishments, and plans? Knowing this sort of information will empower you.
  • Prepare key points. List what you want to say; maybe write a short script. Perhaps you want to emphasize your job skills during an interview or point out why you're worth more money during a salary negotiation. A list will help you stay on track, will minimize your anxiety, and will keep you from rambling or being tongue-tied.
  • Prepare questions. What do you need to learn? Maybe you need to ask about the job's main challenges or how much overtime will be required. Write down your questions so you won't forget them out of fright.
  • Rehearse. Practice what you want to say. It will help you feel more natural and more prepared.
  • Use small talk. Start out by talking about the weather or giving a compliment. Small talk will help you warm up to the conversation.
  • Smile, make eye contact, and shake hands. Introverts and shy people can come across as unfriendly or stuck up, even though we aren't. So make an effort to be friendly.
  • Take notes. Taking notes during job interviews and phone conversations will give you something to do, will help you focus, and will help you in your follow up.
  • Avoid biting your nails and other nervous habits. Nervous habits are unprofessional, so practice keeping your hands folded when you're not taking notes.
  • Slow down and breathe. Try to speak slowly, to pause occasionally, and to let others talk.
  • Dress well. Dressing up will give you a confidence boost.

Fortifying Yourself for Job Search Action

Calling and talking with employers aren't easy for introverts. But taking the courage vitamins listed above makes the job hunt process easier to swallow.

What other courage vitamins work for you in the job hunt?

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