Sunday, July 21, 2013

Don't Underestimate Introverted Entrepreneurs

In a video on Inc. magazine's website, Angie's List founder Angie Hicks discusses her shyness.

It's inspiring to hear how Ms. Hicks mustered the courage to do door-to-door selling (explained in another video on the site) and to give TV interviews to help her business grow.

People are surprised to learn she is shy, but Ms. Hicks says she has to "get up every day" and face it. 

"The quiet person in the room is often underestimated," Ms. Hicks remarks.

She states being prepared is key to building her confidence to speak up and to give presentations. She also says listening is important and helps her deal with shyness.

Angie Hicks is proof that introverts and shy people can become hugely successful entrepreneurs. Other introverted entrepreneurs include Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Are you a shy or introverted job seeker who is interested in entrepreneurship? Or have you already made the transition to business ownership? If so, how did you manage your introversion and take the leap? What main issues do you face as an introverted entrepreneur?

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