Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quiet Time Helpful for Introverted Job Seekers

Many introverts enjoy quiet surroundings. Loud noises, including music, chatter, ringing phones, TVs, barking dogs, lawn mowers, and traffic, can be annoying and nerve-racking to introverts.

While extroverts may gain energy from talkative people and the buzz of life, such noise drains introverts.

Earplugs provide quiet during
an introvert's job hunt.


Introverted Job Hunters Benefit from Quiet Time

Introverted job hunters can benefit from quiet time to think, to organize a job search, to do employer research, to tailor resumes and cover letters, and to recharge. As an introverted job seeker, you will find it helpful to pursue your employment search in a quiet place. Busy households and clattering coffee shops are not your best job-search environments. Even libraries can be distracting.

Pursuit-of-Silence Suggestions

Here are some pursuit-of-silence suggestions when you can't get away from noise:
  • Use earplugs. Although earplugs may not drown out all noise, they can minimize distracting sounds.
  • Create white noise. A fan, air purifier, sound machine, or white-noise app can create a subtle background sound that soothes and helps you concentrate.
  • Close windows. Shut the windows to muffle outside noise.
  • Move to a different room and shut the door. Create a job-search  space in a quieter part of the house and close the door.
  • Take children to day care or a sitter. It's not in most kids' nature to be quiet. Ask someone else to watch your kids when you really need to concentrate.
  • Ask others to turn down the noise. As an introvert, I don't like asking others to be quiet. But sometimes I just have to--in a nice way, of course! (I've also turned down the TV when no one is looking.)
How does noise affect you? How do you find the quiet you need for job searching in a noisy world? Share your suggestions with other quiet-loving introverts!

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