Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are You Your Own Worst Job-Search Enemy?

What is your
job-search attitude?
Yes, the job market is still tough. Yes, you have been unemployed too long. But you may be making it tougher on yourself through negative behavior. For example, do you
  • Have a bad attitude?
  • Make excuses?
  • Blame the economy or others for your unemployment?
  • Avoid networking?
  • Put minimal time and effort into your job search?
  • Procrastinate?
  • Lack follow through?
  • Give up?
If these behaviors sound like you, you could be your own worst job search enemy. Of course being shy or introverted may hinder your job search, but you also have job search strengths. So shyness or introversion alone doesn't have to hold back your job hunt.

Shaking the Job-Search Blues

Here are a few suggestions for shaking job-search negativity:

  • Change your attitude by associating with positive people, joining a supportive job club, reading uplifting material, and listing your strengths and accomplishments.
  • Start moving. Even a short walk will lift your spirits.
  • Get connected. Volunteer, meet with colleagues and friends, and help others. You will feel better for it.
  • Begin something new. You have the time, so start a blog, learn new skills, or take on a project around the house or for personal improvement.
  • Understand that job searching is a process; it takes time and work. A job may be around the corner, so you must persevere and follow up with contacts and employers.
  • Take daily job-hunt action and find someone who can help you stay accountable to move forward.
  • Know that rejection and lack of response are part of the employment-search process.


Keeping Positive for a Bright Future

It’s easy to develop negative job-search behaviors. But stay aware and don’t let feeling down keep you down. You may be shy or introverted, but you can be positive and take action for your exciting future ahead.

How do you keep a good attitude during a job search? What can you do to lift yourself up in the face of job-search rejection? Please offer your ideas and thoughts.

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