Friday, August 23, 2013

How to Stop a Downward Spiral When Unemployed

Shy Job Seeker Blog: Avoid Downward Spiral When Unemployed
Avoid a downward spiral
when unemployed.

If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you know a long job hunt can cause you to lose what little confidence you may have had. You may also lose optimism, motivation, hope, and energy.

As an introverted person, you need quiet time and alone time to recharge. But when you are jobless, those activities can lead to isolation if you are not careful.

As the job rejections pile up, keep these tips in mind for stopping a downward spiral:

  • Have a plan. Create a plan with target jobs, target employers, goals, and accountability.
  • Have successes. Connect with someone new, find parttime work, volunteer, and improve your skills.
  • Find support. Reach out to people who will encourage you, listen, and help you stay positive.
  • Find outlets. Exercise, journal, meditate, and get outdoors.
  • Get help. Visit your local American Job Center for free services sponsored by Uncle Sam. You can usually obtain career guidance, resume help, labor market information, and more at these centers.

Remember: You are so much more than unemployed. Don’t let unemployment define you. Avoid a downward spiral and keep doing your footwork. You will eventually find a job.

What suggestions can you share for steering clear of a downward spiral while unemployed?

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