Friday, October 4, 2013

When Job Searching Stalls

As jobless days drag on, you are probably feeling desperate and hopeless. Here are three quick ways to get back on track in your job hunt.
When Job Searching Stalls [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Have no idea how to get your
job search back on track?

1.     Create a job search schedule. Be honest. Is job searching your top priority? Are you using your time wisely to reach out to employers, to keep your skills up to date, and to find ways to stay motivated? Or are you cleaning the house, running errands, and watching TV or surfing the Web? Create a daily job search schedule to get back on track. The more time you put into your job hunt, the more likely you are to get interviews and get hired.

2.     Pinpoint your top skills--and then contact employers who need those skills. What are your best skills? How can your skills help employers? Once you know your best skills, it’s easier to contact companies and describe how you can benefit the business: “Mr./Ms. Employer, Here's what I can do for you.” Introverts have many special strengths that employers value, including attention to detail, good writing skills, patience, and strong thinking skills.

3.     Take advantage of free job search services.  Are you attending job search workshops at your local American Job Center? Did you graduate from a program or a college that has a career center?  Are you using the library and the Web for employer research? You may be shy or introverted, but you don’t have to go it alone.

What other ways can you put your job search in gear? Think about it and let me know!

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