Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thinking Differently Just Might Get You Hired

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog

Today's job search is, of course, a complex process. There seems to be no end to everything you must do to find, apply for, and interview for jobs successfully. But while most job seekers are doing the same thing, namely applying for job after job online, I challenge you to think differently. Here are some ways to alter your job search thinking:

Think Differently in Your Job Search to Get Hired [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
To get a job, think differently
about your job search.

  • Focus on employers, not on yourself. Employers hire you to meet their needs, not yours. A job seeker's main mission is to prove how he or she will help employers run their business efficiently, serve customers well, and grow. Turn the spotlight on the employer! As an introverted or shy person, you’d rather have the spotlight on someone else anyway, right?
  • Make human contact. Avoid spending all of your time applying for jobs online, even though it’s the most comfortable path for shy and introverted job seekers. Research employers who can best use your skills and contact these employers. Reach out to everyone you know who can connect you with employers. Try to find a back door into the hiring process by calling employers who are growing but not running job ads. Or ask for an interview even if no jobs are open at the moment.
  • Make sure your skills and experience fit the job. If you are applying for work that doesn’t match your background, don’t expect to get hired. Many people apply for anything and everything. Don't do it. Remember, you're thinking differently now. If you want to change fields, start immediately building up experience in that field by taking classes, tweeting, volunteering, freelancing, blogging, interning, and doing anything else you can do to quickly develop relevant experience. Also stress any transferable skills, such as dependability, accuracy, and good customer service, that are important in your desired field.
  • Keep going. Make active job searching your daily focus, be prepared for rejection, and find ways to stay positive. It also helps to learn more about the best ways to job search by reading blogs like this one!
Using these tips and thinking differently in your job hunt might just get you hired. While everyone else is doing the same old thing, you could be starting a new job.

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