Sunday, March 16, 2014

One Step You Must Take to Get the Job

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog  

Put Yourself in Employer's Shoes to Get a Job [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Put yourself in the
employer's shoes to get a job.
Many shy and introverted job seekers get so nervous before job interviews that they spend little time preparing for them. Yet if you keep one point in mind, you will have a better chance of getting hired.

Job seekers must put themselves in the employer's shoes and prove they can do the job well and dependably.

That's it. Everything that happens in job interviews goes back to the same question in the employer's mind: Will you do the job correctly, completely, and reliably?

Of course other factors are important too: Will you fit in? Will you get along with my team? Will you make a good impression on customers? But the employer's main concern is whether you can do the job dependably and well.

So no matter what question the employer asks, your answer should always have the same effect: Letting the interviewer know you have the skills, experience, and traits for the job. Using examples and numbers reinforces any response. And remember, it's not bragging! Even behavioral questions such as how you handled a problem situation or offbeat questions such as "What is your favorite word?" should be answered with the same goal in mind.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Be a Top Candidate for Job Openings

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog  

Many unemployed workers and job hunters are unaware of strategies that can put them in the lead for a job.
Be the Top Candidate for Job Openings [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Be the top candidate for a job by
targeting employers and their needs.

Here are some ways to be a top candidate:
  • Apply for jobs that match you. If you don’t have the right qualifications, you will most likely be eliminated instantly.
  • Add descriptors and keywords to your resume from job ads, such as skills required, to help automated screening systems find you.
  • Spend a few minutes tailoring your resume to emphasize how your background matches the job.
  • Understand how your skills can help employers. Then contact companies even if no job is advertised. Employers looking to grow may see you as the solution to unmet needs.
  • Find opportunities by networking with everyone you know, attending business events, and combing through business news. Again, don’t wait for a job to be advertised before approaching employers. After a job is advertised, employers must deal with a flood of resumes, which makes it harder for you to stand out. As an introverted or shy job hunter, networking may be difficult for you. But networking may help you get noticed and get hired. Otherwise you are just another resume in the pile.
  • Follow up on applications by contacting the hiring manager or asking someone in your network to recommend you.
  • Be positive, professional, and passionate about your potential role in the employer’s success. Make it difficult for the employer not to want you!
Believe it or not, employers often have a difficult time finding the right person for a job. Make it easier for them by using the above tips, and you may become that must-hire candidate.

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