Sunday, March 16, 2014

One Step You Must Take to Get the Job

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog  

Put Yourself in Employer's Shoes to Get a Job [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Put yourself in the
employer's shoes to get a job.
Many shy and introverted job seekers get so nervous before job interviews that they spend little time preparing for them. Yet if you keep one point in mind, you will have a better chance of getting hired.

Job seekers must put themselves in the employer's shoes and prove they can do the job well and dependably.

That's it. Everything that happens in job interviews goes back to the same question in the employer's mind: Will you do the job correctly, completely, and reliably?

Of course other factors are important too: Will you fit in? Will you get along with my team? Will you make a good impression on customers? But the employer's main concern is whether you can do the job dependably and well.

So no matter what question the employer asks, your answer should always have the same effect: Letting the interviewer know you have the skills, experience, and traits for the job. Using examples and numbers reinforces any response. And remember, it's not bragging! Even behavioral questions such as how you handled a problem situation or offbeat questions such as "What is your favorite word?" should be answered with the same goal in mind.

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