Thursday, May 15, 2014

3 Career Myths That Can Wreck Your Job Search -- Be a Career Mythbuster!

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog 

Career Myths Can Wreck Your Job Search [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Career myths can wreck your job search.
Don't let career myths stall or crash your progress!
Most people make assumptions about careers. These assumptions often hold back job seekers, and it doesn't matter whether you are shy or introverted. Do you recognize yourself in the following career myths?
  • MYTH: There is one perfect job for me. REALITY: There are many jobs you would excel in and enjoy. Focus on work that suits your interests and skills, but don't limit yourself to one job. Start by browsing
  • MYTH: No one will hire me because I lack experience or have gaps in my work history. REALITY: If you need experience, get it! Volunteer, work in a related or entry-level job, get an internship, or take classes. If you have gaps in your work history, ponder what you did during the gap, such as studying, care giving, or volunteering, and add it to your resume. Also be sure to emphasize your transferable skills, such as a talent for writing or math, and your soft skills, such as dependability and conscientiousness.
  • MYTH: It's too late to change my career. REALITY: Workers who change careers come from many age groups, situations, and backgrounds. To make change easier, "transfer" your skills and experience to other jobs. Start at
What other career myths are holding you back in your job hunt? Don’t let career myths derail your job search. Be a career mythbuster! Consider the realities and take steps to move yourself forward today. 

Have career myths ever held you back? Have you overcome career myths?

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

7 Ways to Personalize Today’s Impersonal Job Search

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog  

Personalize the Job Search [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Today's job search seems void of people.
The job search has never been a warm and fuzzy process. With online job applications, voicemail, and automated resume review systems, job hunting is more impersonal than ever. It’s often difficult to reach a human being who can hire you, despite the fact that we carry phones and email access with us everywhere. Here are seven suggestions unemployed introverts can use to personalize the job search.
  • Make phone calls. Use the phone to touch base with networking contacts, follow up on job applications, and ask employers for a meeting--even if no job opening exists. Preparing and practicing what you want to say may make the calls a bit easier. If phone calls are extremely painful for you, send emails, which may or may not be as effective.
  • Attend business events. At local business events, you may learn about growing companies, meet people who are hiring, and gain current information about your field. To make business events less daunting, focus on meeting just one or two new people—perhaps someone you’ve researched ahead of time. Break the ice by asking a question about the person’s company or giving him or her a compliment.
  • Go on informational interviews. Ask professionals who work in a target job or a company if you can meet to learn about their careers. Preparation and research will make informational interviews less frightening.
  • Knock on doors. This old-fashioned job search technique still works, especially in smaller companies. Although you will get rejected (expect it), you may also get interviewed on the spot. Have a short speech ready about your background and skills, and promise yourself to make just one or two contacts as you head out the door. Be sure to look and sound professional for an extra boost of confidence.
  • Find a mentor. Ask a colleague you admire for ongoing advice about your career path. To make this easier, choose someone with whom you are comfortable.
  • Connect through social media. Join and get active on LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with people in your field, learn about job openings, keep up with trends, and share your knowledge.
  • Talk to everyone. You never know when someone will connect you to a job. If you can’t bring yourself to talk to everyone, try to talk to at least one or two different people a day.
Personalizing today's impersonal job hunt will help you find a job. Even as an introvert or shy individual, you can take many steps to improve your hiring chances by personalizing your job search.

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