Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't Wait to Start Your Job Search

Don't Wait to Start Your Job Search [Shy Job Seeker Blog]Don't Wait to Start Your Job Search [Shy Job Seeker Blog]By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog

Waiting is part of the job search. Some of it you can't control. Some of it you can. For example, perhaps you want a break between jobs, so you wait before starting your job hunt. Then you submit your resume for job openings and wait even longer. Perhaps you get an interview, and then you wait to hear whether you’re hired.

For many people, this waiting time is full of anxiety. If you wait too long, your skills atrophy, your bank account shrinks, your network weakens, and your confidence and motivation lag. Research shows the longer you are unemployed, the longer it takes to get hired as employer interest in you fades. For many shy and introverted people, time alone and away from interacting with people on a job is a heavenly respite. But waiting has a price because you aren’t collecting a paycheck when you wait.

Following are some areas in which you can control the wait in your job search.
  • Starting a job hunt: It’s important for anyone who has been laid off or fired or is in transition to start a job search immediately to get employed more quickly. Employers like to hire people with fresh, sharp skills. If you wait even a month to start looking, your application may go straight to the trash.
  • Creating a perfect resume: Don’t wait to create a perfect resume before starting your job search. Take some basic steps to create a good resume, as outlined in one of my previous Shy Job Seeker Blog posts. Then get to work using your resume. If you fool around too long trying to write a flawless resume, time and opportunity will pass you by.
  • Waiting for employers to call: If you are holding your breath while waiting for employers to contact you, be prepared to pass out. A better course of action is to contact employers—either directly or by a networking referral—and let them know you are interested in the job. This step is difficult for introverts and shy people, but it is critical and can have a big payoff when you are trying to stand out.
  • Getting the perfect job: Avoid waiting for the perfect job. If you turn down good jobs to wait instead for that perfect opportunity, you may kick yourself as time drags on. Instead, make a list of your ideal job requirements, and if you get a job offer that meets your key needs and wants, go for it.
When I was growing up and told my Dad that I wanted to wait for something, he’d respond, “That’s what broke the wagon.” Don’t let “wait” break your job search.

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