Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Don't Take a Vacation from Career Planning

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog

Map Out Your Career Route and Destination for Success [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Map your career route and
destination for success.
It’s the time of year to take vacations. Even if you like to wing it on vacations, you probably do some planning. For example, at a minimum, you need to decide where you are going and how you will get there. More detailed planning includes where you will stop along the way and what you will do when you get there. Many tools, such as online trip sites, guidebooks, and travel agents, can help you with vacation planning. I find vacation planning, although time consuming and tedious, to be worth the effort. It helps me make the most of my trip and catch must-see sites. Plus, I like activity-filled vacations, so planning is key.

I’ve read that people spend more time on vacation planning than financial planning. Based on all the career unhappiness I see and hear about, my guess is that people spend even less time planning their careers than they do planning their vacations or their finances. If this description sounds like you, I suggest you spend time planning your career for greater work satisfaction and success.

Just like vacation planning, with career planning you want to decide your route and your destination. Through a variety of tools, such as career assessments, career coaching, career books, career websites, and self-examination, you can get started with career planning. Also talk to people in careers of interest and explore the education and training you need for possible career paths. In particular, read my recent post on Planting Seeds for Your Career Growth and Satisfaction for helpful resources and ways to get started. Then act and modify your plan as you go. Career planning is a lifelong process, and it will take you far.

Enjoy your vacation this summer!

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