Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hate Your Job? Don’t Complain—Act

Hate Your Job? Don't Complain--Act [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Do you complain about your job?
It may be time to take action!

By Susan Pines, Shy Job Seeker Blog

I know several people who hate their jobs. They complain loudly and frequently about their problems with any number of job-related issues, including the boss, their co-workers, their work hours, the commute, the customers, the expectations, and the workload. These individuals make comments like these: “I’ve got to get a new job,” “I need to quit my job,” “I can’t take it any longer.”

I can empathize with individuals who don’t like their jobs. I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. Hating your job can ruin your sleep, your health, your relationships, and your free time. Hating your job hangs over you like a heavy weight and feels like it’s wrecking your life.

Among the people I know who hate their jobs are those who spend more time complaining than taking action. Yes, looking for a job is hard. It’s difficult to get started. It’s time-consuming. It’s full of rejection and unknowns. It may take a long time.


Imagine if every time, instead of complaining, these individuals pulled out their resume and started updating it. Suppose every time they wailed about what a boss or co-worker did today, they researched possible new employers. And what would happen if every time they fretted about customers, they instead reached out to a contact in their network who might be able to connect them to a job opening? In short order, they might be starting a new job instead of complaining about their current one. 

So if you are unhappy in your job, complain about it a lot, and want to make a change, stop putting energy into whining. Instead, take a step toward a new job. And then another step. And another one after that. Put your energy into a positive new direction. It's a great way to move forward and find a better job sooner rather than later.

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