Thursday, May 5, 2016

Is Your Career Evolving?

Change is constant in the workplace. Co-workers and managers come and go. Business ebbs and flows. Technology, products, and services become obsolete and get introduced. Methods, rules, and procedures are modified. Companies start and move, are bought and sold, die out and pivot. Organizations are always evolving, sometimes by design and sometimes not.
Is Your Career Evolving? [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Always be learning, growing, and changing in your career.

When change happens at work, you often have the opportunity to enlarge your competencies. You need to learn, adapt, and be open to the possibilities. If you resist change, complain about it, or try to get others to do tasks you don’t want to learn, you hold back your organization and yourself. When workplace changes are small, usually you can flex and learn as you go. Other times you may need to work with uncertainty and do the best you can. For some changes, your organization may provide training and guidance. 

When you change and learn, not only are you growing, you also will have new accomplishments for your resume and new skills and insights that may lead to a better job fit, more satisfaction, more responsibility, a leadership role, a promotion, a higher salary, a new job, a relocation, new relationships, more creativity, a new discovery, more education, more self-esteem, or a new career path.

So even in a slow-changing company or a routine job, you should always be developing and flourishing. I call this career evolution. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be doing this same work in the same place two, five, ten, or twenty years from now?” If the answer is no, ask yourself, “Why not?” One thing is certain: If you are not evolving in your career, you may go the way of the dinosaur or be an unhappy endangered species.

Make career evolution part of your daily life. With ongoing career evolution, you can avoid getting stuck in a dead-end job or getting pushed on a career path that doesn’t interest you. You don’t want to look back and say, “If only I’d gone to school…changed careers…learned new skills…explored my interests...quit a certain company…applied for a promotion…took a chance on a new job…started my own business.”

So begin taking control of your career evolution: Be eager and positive when changes occur. Do a task no one wants. Offer to help a co-worker or the boss. Get trained as a backup for someone with a key job. Propose suggestions to improve your workplace, products, services, or customer relationships. Keep up on business news, especially in your field and industry. Learn more about your job and where its career path could take you. Get involved in your field through a professional association, networking, and conferences. Take workshops and classes. Read books and periodicals. Say yes to opportunities and challenges. Don’t become extinct or regretful.

Evolution doesn’t happen overnight. Your career evolution can last a lifetime. It’s a mindset to always be learning, growing, and changing. 

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