Thursday, July 14, 2016

Don’t Be Willing to Do Anything

As a job seeker, have you made any of the following statements?
  • “I’ll do anything.” 
  • “I’ll take any job.” 
  • “I’m keeping my options open.”
To many people, these statements sound like positive ones, especially if made to potential employers. Right? After all, who wouldn’t want an employee who is willing to do anything?
Don't Be Willing to Do Anything [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Do you have a sharp career focus?

Well, the truth is, most organizations hire workers who can zero in and solve their problems, needs, and challenges. They want employees who can help them prosper, innovate, and grow. 

In employers’ minds, the person who will take any job lacks focus, self-direction, self-knowledge, and creativity. He or she sounds wishy-washy and desperate. Chances are good that such an individual will wait for direction if hired. And most employers don’t have the time, staff, or desire to give that direction. That’s what they want you for.

So determine what you’re good at, what you can solve and contribute, and how you can help companies succeed, stand out, and excel. If you need help in figuring this out, start with My Next Move and mySkillsmyFuture from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Don’t be amorphous in your career. Be a laser. Be a star.

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