Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Need a Job Search Support System

Job searching can be a lonely process, even for shy and introverted people who may prefer their own company. Going it alone--without the emotional support of family, friends, and others close to you--can result in a downward spin of discouragement. Don’t fear of asking people for help and encouragement as you job hunt. Most individuals will provide emotional support happily and eagerly.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Job Search Support System [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Get a listening ear during your
job search.
So during your job search, I suggest you reach out to people you like and trust. Here are five reasons to have a support system during your employment search:
  1. Helps you deal with rejection. The job search process is full of rejection. Your support system can remind you not to take it personally.
  2. Gives insight into yourself. Your support system can help you see your strengths and weak spots honestly.
  3. Provides a listening ear. People who love you are willing to lend a listening ear when you need to talk about your goals, your progress, and your frustrations.
  4. Offers encouragement. A support system will encourage and inspire you to keep going in your job hunt.
  5. Helps you soldier on. When you feeling like giving up, those who are close to you will offer a hug, affirm your worth, and bolster your efforts to find a job.
So please don’t be tempted to go it alone in your job search. Lean on your support system. You’ll also have people to celebrate with when you get hired.

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