Sunday, October 2, 2016

10 Traits of a Job Search Slacker

Some job seekers just can’t seem to get hired. Sure, they are applying for jobs. But employers aren’t contacting them. Could it be these job hunters aren’t putting much effort into their employment search?

10 Signs of a Job Search Slacker [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Job search slackers put little time into the job hunt.

Here are 10 traits of a job search slacker:
  1. Cannot articulate his or her skills and how they would benefit employers
  2. Applies for one or two jobs and calls it a week (or a month)
  3. Applies for any job, even if it doesn’t fit his or her experience and skills
  4. Applies only for jobs that are advertised instead of reaching out to employers who may need workers with his or her background and abilities
  5. Uses the same resume and cover letter for every job application instead of tailoring these materials to an employer’s needs
  6. Does not follow up on job applications and job leads
  7. Does not contact family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who may know of job openings
  8. Does not research employers who are growing and hiring
  9. Makes no attempt to improve his or her job search by learning about the most-effective, active job hunt techniques
  10. Has no enthusiasm for the job search

Job search slackers eventually may find work, but it will take them a long time. In addition, the jobs most likely won’t be a great fit.

If some of the 10 traits describe you, consider changing your job search today. Just reverse course on a couple of points above, and you will see your job hunt improve. Get going now!

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