Wednesday, March 1, 2017

3 Fast Resume Facelifts

3 Fast Resume Facelifts [Shy Job Seeker Blog]
Give your resume a fast facelift.
If you are--or soon will be--job searching, be sure to spruce up your resume. Here are three tips for a fast resume facelift.
  • Update your jobs, education, and activities: Be sure to add your current role, plus new education, awards, professional affiliations, and volunteer activities. Drop old jobs, especially if they are not relevant to the work you are seeking now. If you have important work experience that is more than 10-15 years old, remove the dates and combine it into a “Related Experience” section. Delete references to old software and technology. Make sure you have up-to-date contact information.
  • Hone your summary section: At the top of your resume, stress your key skills, including those you have developed since your last resume update. Skim help-wanted ads to find the skills and background employers are seeking in jobs that interest you, and add these abilities and experiences to your resume if you possess them. Incorporate new technology skills and new terminology for your field as appropriate.
  • Proofread and proofread again: When you make changes to your resume, you risk creating typos and other errors. Be sure to go beyond spell-check and read your resume forward, backward, and forward again. Make sure your punctuation, capitalization, and spacing are consistent. Consider asking someone you know with good writing skills to proof it for you.
Of course much more goes into creating a good resume than the three points above. But at least your resume will be fresh and current for your job hunt.